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User Guide 11

This section will outline basics to help you navigate through cPanel


Many have hundreds of knowledgebase articles ... but who really reads them?

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 The one and only question. Where?

Hello and welcome — Johnny, President and CEO of UnidenHosting.com here. So we've been asked this...

 First Step: Adding Destination

A “Backup destination” will be the place holder of your backup files (this can be remote or...

 Selecting cPanel accounts to backup

If you created a “cPanel Accounts Incremental” job, you will be able to backup your cPanel...

 Creating new backup job

To create a new backup job, navigate to: “Backup Manager” -> “Backup Jobs”.   Creating new...

 Running multiple jobs “one-by-one”

If there is more then one backup job, and the timing was not calculated right – the jobs might be...

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